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Why GoDaddy for your domain?

Why GoDaddy for your domain?


You can buy a domain name at literally thousands of places on the internet. The reason that we suggest you GoDaddy is because once you register a domain with them the information for you to renew it and make the changes you need to do are easy and right on the front page of your account.

First, sign up at Godaddy by clicking here .

Start a spreadsheet or text file where you will save all of your passwords. You will have a half dozen or so passwords when you are done.

Be sure to save your login and password before you move on!

1. Enter the domain name you want in the search box.
If the domain is available, the following message will appear: Congratulation!  DOMAINNAME.COM is available. Snap it up before someone else does. Just for $9.99

Once you have chosen your domain, Click the ADD button and then select the CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT button.

Will be followed by a popups – you can ignore them . You don’t need any of the GoDaddy add-ons .. Just hit the Continue Button.

Now, to get a GoDaddy deal on your domain name CLICK HERE. There is no reason to pay $10.99 for the first year.

GoDaddy defaults to registration for 5 years – you can leave this alone if you like, but if you are trying to save money when you start up, change this to the 1-year option.

Now it’s time to pay for your domain, so click the Checkout button and the next screen will confirm the amount of your order.

If the amount is right, click the Place Your Order button and pay for your domain.

Next you will see this confirmation screen. DO NOT CLICK ON the Get Started button. You do not need email account from your GoDaddy account, you will see this up on other post here.

Congratulation! You now own your domain name.
You can now sign out of GoDaddy. We will come back to this in a little while

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