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What is Web Host?

What is Web Host?


What is web space?
Storage space for a web site on a server that is permanently connected to the internet.

What is a server?
A computer that remains hooked up to the internet and hosts web space.
Servers are powerful computers that have extremely large hard drives, or an array of hard drives.
If you don’t have your own server you need to get some web space from a web host.


What is web host?
Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients


What is bandwidth?
Bandwidth is data transmission rate (bits/seconds) its related to traffic.


Each time you visit a web site, you are creating traffic , because in order to view that web page on your computer, the web page is first downloaded to your computer which is the displayed using your browser

If you are visiting a webpage which is about 200KB ( 200 Kilobytes = 200,000 bytes = 1,600,000 bits) . So you are creating 1,600,000 bits traffic.

Now if more people visits the website at the same time you need more data transmission rate.

Web page may be very small or large depending upon the amount of text and the number and quality of images integrated within the web page.

Depending on different packages web hosts often restricts how much web traffic your website can receive in a given time period.

There are both free and paid web hosts available in the market.


Most free web hosts comes along with banner ads placed at the edges of your page.
Some free web hosts restricts the monthly bandwidth of your site. So, if you run out of bandwidth your visitors won’t be able to see your website.

Free web hosts provide less web space rather than paid web hosts
But there are plenty of website using free web hosting services and running successfully. But if you are willing to host a business website you might choose wisely


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