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What is SEO ? Just Keyword and BackLink

What is SEO ? Just Keyword and BackLink


So What SEO is all about ?

This is basic and exact definition of SEO according to our research and understanding search engine optimization and web promotion field.

We all know what SEO stands for. Of course, “Search Engine Optimization”. This is Creativity of making your website more readers friendly, Relevant to the interest of search engine users and hence ranking better in the search engine results.

According to the recent market study and research in SEO, we found two main components of the SEO. “Keyword” and “BackLink”, year these are the two main parts of the whole search engine optimization process.

Keyword is heart of the web content and it is very important for relevance of your website. While backlink is brain of your website and it is very important for popularity of your website.

SEO Keyword:

Keyword is the word that describes your website content’s main topic. It also mean the title of your website. Search engines send they robots and spiders to crawl your web content and to find useful information. They use these information to serve the search engine searchers.

Search engine robots search for most popular keywords in your content, they will find density of each keyword. The main keyword of your website will have highest density in your site’s content. Through that keyword, search engine can understand your website’s content and may know that what kind of information you are serving to your visitors.

Keyword is first and most important thing, you must think of it before starting your seo journey. You might need to do some keyword research to find what keywords are in popularity, what keywords are suitable to your site and should be concentrated on.

SEO BackLink

Link to your site is just like votes gained by your site. More sites link to your website, your site receives more votes and hence search engine can understand the popularity of your website amongst the other similar websites.

So what kind of backlinks are more useful for SEO? Usually you should think about the similarity of the website. Search engines give more importance to backlinks between the similar sites and also will depend on the importance of linking sites.

So how to get backlinks ? Most of the time, webmaster can purchase paid backlinks from the most popular site of similar niche. Another option you can try is blog posting, blog commenting, forum posting with link to your site. If your visitors like your site and link to you on their blog or site, it will be bonus for you.

So now you know that “Keyword” and “Backlink” is the only important and must do parts of the whole SEO Process. Start thinking of it and using, finally the SEO process is totally based on research analysis and it is also slow process. You can not figure out the results as soon you make the changes. Just wait and watch….

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