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Understand the Value of Your List

Understand the Value of Your List


Once you read the CAN SPAM Laws it can be enough for you to want to throw in the towel.. but I urge you not to! Your list is one of (if not THE MOST VALUABLE ASSET you own in your business).
Let me explain…
Email still remains one of the most powerful tools we have in reaching our target audience.
Why is email so powerful?
– Email is personal. It is a great way to build a know, like and trust factor with your subscribers.
– Email is direct. You have the opportunity to deliver your message straight to your target audience. The more you know about your audience the more effective your message will be.
– Email is private. Email provides an opportunity for people to be vulnerable because the information they share via email is private and not shared openly (unlike blog comments and social media).
– Almost everyone has an email account.
Your list is only as good as your subscribers and your job is to capture the subscribers that would most benefit from your expertise.