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The Natural Link Profile

The Natural Link Profile


Google doesn’t want us to (unnaturally) create links. They want us to make websites and then wait 10 years before someone decides to create a link to our website so we can get our first “natural” link.In this case, a natural link is a link that was made by someone unrelated to the webmaster. But, we all know that’s not always possible. In some niches, this is really easy. The only problem is that these niches usually aren’t that profitable. The best example of such a niche is the humor niche. If you’ve just found a good joke, you’ll want to let all your friends know about it. You will also want to publish it on forums, blogs and everywhere else which will result in many links to the website with that joke.

But… If you have just discovered a great niche website about cheap snow blowers, it’s much less likely that you will want to tell all your friends about it. They probably won’t be interested in it. People on general forums won’t be interested as well. Because most people think like that, it’s much harder to get natural links for smaller and more focused niche sites.

But , as you already know,, we desperately need links to our site. And if we can’t get them naturally, we must at the very least do our best to make our “artificial” links look as natural as possible. How can we do that? Well, We’ll talk about that in other article, but we can already say that the main factors of a natural link profile are “link diversity“, “anchor text diversity” and “No-Follow Do-Follow diversity” .(Click here to read more).

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