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[SEO] Simple SEO Process

[SEO] Simple SEO Process


There is no entire plan for the Google optimization system, but the Google optimization system could result trough the following stage:

1.      Analysis of the competition

Through this term one would be assisted to learn what tactics they are utilizing those “fight” with the organization to achieve the section. One might be able to learn about his key words, their strengths, and weak point. But this does not indicate that it would duplicate all the features. However seeing him studying. Then one must know much about his competitors that would be hopeful to learn the space of fight and the way of development.

2.      Survey of key words

The survey of the key words says that one might learn much about the key words in place widely utilized by the public they would aim his organization. For this one has to study a lot. The very much important step for the success is the competition.

3.      Development of a database for the site.

The site pages must developed by every one.  For this development one might begin from the scrape and thus make them. By this method the HTML coding and the site architecture would gain the optimization. The HTML contains the headings, Meta tag etc. the site architecture indicates the interior shape of the links to web pages by which one’s site is written. One must remember that a web site bears an excellent design. However this does not supply the content which is required by the visitors and that is regarded as the disinfected site.

4.      Incorporation of key words.

If the most efficient key words are chosen by any one then the web site is turned on. These must comes up on the most essential pages that contains home page and services pages. These also might come up on the exact balance. The unnecessary recurrence of the similar would result in several search engines delete the site from their catalogs.

5.      Review and the building links.

Achieving and feature connected links indicating to one’s website that produces 95% of development in attempting to gain the top ranking in the list of the search engines. The improvement of the network status for the search engines is very much essential for getting several links that is indicating to one’s page. That time it is found that the feature and the degree of the connection of the similar with his site are actually very much essential.


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