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Search Engines Can’t Be Controlled

Search Engines Can’t Be Controlled


Search engines are one of those things in life that can’t be controlled. Life is full of things that can’t be controlled. We can’t control who we’re related to, or whether or not the sun will shine and we certainly can’t control how other people on the road drive. A search engines’survival depends on the quality of their searches. They’re not about to try and make you happy even if you think you deserve it if mking you happy affects the quality of their results. If their search results aren’t good their bottom line will be affected and in the end their long term survival. Search engines can’t be controlled they are the controllers.

Search engine marketing professionals do not own search engines. They can tell you, and they do tell you, that you will achieve a no.1 ranking on a given search engine. The bottom line is there is no way they can make that happen. Search engines can’t be controlled.

Telling your search engine marketing people that you want to be no.1 in Yahoo will not guarantee you such a result. Your search engine marketing people can help you increase the chances of ranking higher but that is far from a guarantee. YOur search engine consultant doesn’t control the search engine so they can’t guarantee your ranking. If you don’t control the medium you can’t control the result. It’s as simple as that. Unfortunately, some people do learn to control search engines through less than ethical means. Cheating and trickery will, in the end, be caught by search engines and will, in the end, get one banned for life from using them. The end result will be a return to the 9 to 5 routine. It’s best just to accept that search engines can’t be controlled.

Ranking algorithms of search engines are closely guarded secrets. If everyone knew the secret there would be no point in having them. The aim of search engines is not to give a top ranking to a site that was able to beat the system, but rather to give a top ranking to the site that best matches the search query of an individual visitor. Search engines can’t be controlled. Good quality content will, however,bring you one step closer to achieving the ranking you’re looking for from a search engine. The value of real search engine marketing can be controlled … by you.


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