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Recommended Webhosting for WordPress

Recommended Webhosting for WordPress


Here I have recommended WordPress Hosting companies based on my preference. You can pick anyone of them. I have also listed down some of the notable features of these hosting to give you a detailed idea of what you are getting.

CyberHour is the top recommended webhosting for hosting your WordPress blog and also most affordable one. They have various shared hosting packages (recommended for new blogggers), and you can use their hosting plan, which offers the most powerful resources for like €9.90 /mo .

Installing WordPress on CyberHour server is very easy , you will need like 15min to create your blog on CyberHour.


– Most secured shared hosting today
– Best performance wordpress hosting
– SSD Storage
– Premium bandwidth
– DDOS protection
– 4*7 live support
– Payment via PayPal

Step by Step Guide to Buy Web Hosting Server from CyberHour:

To start with click here & go to CyberHour site and click on get started now.
This will take you to a page where you will see the hosting package.

Click the “Order Now” Button .

Once you complete your order and it get approved , you will receive an welcome email with your account and cPanel details.

What you will have to do next is to point your already registered domain to CyberHour.com

If you are using your existing domain name from some other domain registar such as Godaddy, you need to change your domain NameServer to :