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How to make your Joomla CMS blog search engine friendly?

How to make your Joomla CMS blog search engine friendly?


Joomla is a powerful content management system that can be used for making blogs as well as interactive websites. We should not forget that website should be search engine friendly and should be ranked higher by Google search engine. Google search engine ranks the website on the basis of search string concept. You have to understand the concept closely to make your blog popular in the Internet marketing world.

Search String

Search string is a simple concept that is used to find out domain with a particular extension. For example, if you want to search domain with GOV or EDU extension then search string is the highly reliable approach for you. Search strings are useful for adding high level relevance to the search engines.

Keywords Search String

Keyword search string is divided into two categories. First is addition and other is subtraction. Adding a keyword to the search string means, filtering out the websites contain that particular keyword. Subtracting a keyword from the search string means, removing the websites contain that particular keyword. Here is a simple example of search string.

site:edu inurl “Dogs” “Rats” -”Cats”

This search string filters out the websites with EDU extension and contains the keywords “Dogs” and “Rats”. But it removes the websites that contain the keyword “Cats”. Here we are adding the keywords Dogs, Rats and subtracting the keyword Cats.

Importance of EDU/GOV Backlinks

According to stats one GOV/EDU link is equal to ten .com links. You get the authority of high rank quickly in the Google search engine through EDU and GOV Backlinks. GOV and EDU links are equally beneficial but it is difficult to get GOV links as compared to EDU links. EDU websites are ranked higher so you have to buy EDU links from reputed organizations only. Google highly respects the Backlinks from high ranked websites like .edu and .gov sites.

How to make your blog search engine friendly?

  • Every time when you post an Article to Joomla blog, it should be attached with popular keywords and attractive title.
  • The content you are posting on your blog should be unique and meaningful. Search the topics that are most commonly browsed by the user and use the same topics with high quality unique content in your blog.
  • Your website should be registered by a reliable source and it should be updated regularly for higher page ranked on Google search engine.


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