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Google Adsense for Beginner’s

Google Adsense for Beginner’s


Some of you will say that with affiliate marketing is easy and excellent way to monetize a blog or web site. The benefit of affiliate marketing is that you are not required to have stock, and in most cases it is a set and a bit forget strategy. Very often though, lot of affiliates, including us, will also run Google Adsense on their websites.

Why? Because Adsense is a really nice alternative, for good monetization.
Affiliate sales are unaffected but Adsense income increases

That happens because when visitor click on the AdSense ads they actually leave your website. But if you test it better you will notice that implementing Adsense often have limited negative effect on affiliate commisions from sales.

So, its better to have more that one way to monetizate your website , and there is no reason to skip Adsense.

How to make money with Adsense today

How to apply for an Adsense publlisher account?

Its really importand when you are applying for an adsense account to use your Gmail account.
Of course you will need to have your web site up and running ( with your unique domain name and content). Then, log on your google account and visit google.com/adsense and go through the wizard process.

You will have to wait some days for your website to be aproved from Google. Once Google peeps at your site, they will inform you if it qualifies or not. If you are luky you will get aproved very fast . Once you are aproved for placing Adsense Ads on your website just get the adsense code and place it on your website. Once an ad shows up, you will know that your profile is active. Having your profile active will give you the ability to create as many new ads you want.

*Keep on mind that the application process could take from one day to a couple of weeks or even a month! Be patient and wait. You will receive emails from Google for each phase so you will be informed !


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