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Free Hosting Plans Might Actually Cost You Even More Money!

Free Hosting Plans Might Actually Cost You Even More Money!


So you’re planning to create a web site. You’ve found your niche, product, and even your domain name and you think you’re on your way to building a successful business! But one more thing has to take place. You need to decide on a web hosting company to launch your website. Should you use a free hosting company or should you pay for a web hosting plan. If you think the former is correct you should think again. Most free hosting plans do not provide necessary functionalities that businesses should have and in the long run loose potential customers. Here are just a few issues to consider when looking for a web hosting provider:

  1. Make sure the tools and services you are looking for are included in the
    hosting service. Most free services don’t provide full access to specific tools and
    functionality that paying costumers receive. Your web hosting provider should be
    able to track and analyze traffic and conversions for your site.
  2. Your hosting company should have high effective means of blocking
    Spammers. With free hosting services, usually spammers are not treated as top
    priority. The Internet Service Providers usually catch web hosting companies that
    fail to use safeguards and blacklist them, but unfortunately some free web hosting
    services manage to slide under the radar and still provide unguarded web hosting.
  3. Take into consideration the reliability of the hosting company. All hosting
    companies experience cyberspace glitches but you should research and determine
    which companies are less likely to experience these glitches.
  4. Most free hosting companies forcefully put banner ads on your page so you will definitely have a hard time finding people willing to link to your webpage and visitors are most likely to leave your page because of these ads. 

You can see that deciding on a hosting company takes time and consideration. Weigh the pros and cons and make sure you have the above issues in mind. To recap, make sure your hosting company provides you with the tools and services you require, controls spammers, have low frequency of cyberspace glitches, and do not post ads on your website.


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