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Delete yourself from the Internet quickly and easily with JustDelete.me

Delete yourself from the Internet quickly and easily with JustDelete.me


How many times have you been angry for that once again you have lost hours of your precious time hanging idly at the computer refreshing one of the many social profiles you have?

Crave you to delete it and not to be distracted with nonsense, but shortly after you just stop to deal and just give up…

To remove yourself from the Internet technical and mentally it is NOT EASY. First you need to decide if you really want to do this – as with cigarettes!

Also must determine exactly where you want to disappear, don’t fool your self – there is no way to opt out completely from the Internet.

Want to “eliminate” your self from social networks , shopping sites, etc..? Then you will need to find out how you can delete your account from there – all tedious tasks for the general Internet user.

How can you do all this very quickly and painlessly , without requiring very much to ever think … ?

Well dear web geeks , this app is something you’ll want to pay attention !

The new website called with the eloquent name JustDelete.me will ensure you disappear from the internet much, much easier. e.g will remove your account from most parasitic websites where possibly wasting your time .

Created by British developer Rob Lewis , JustDelete.me is like a list of web addresses that link directly to pages of services that you may want to remove yourself , without having to search specifically for each site how it works .

This course includes sites like Facebook, Foursquare, Dropbox, Feedly and many other popular web services, which are likely to have an account .

Some sites deliberately make the procedure for deleting a profile hidden and difficult to access and even if you try to delete it, You finally gave up because you just can not be bothered .

JustDelete.me have categorized different sites from those where the deletion is easy , to those where it is impossible .

This is convenient , because you know what to expect and what to not and don’t waste your time .

For example , Amazon.com and NewYorkTimes.com are classified as sites from which it is relatively easy to remove , while movie directory IMDB.com and PayPal are designated as “easy .”

Sites like Pinterest and Netflix are labeled “impossible” .

So, the next time you decide to delete your self don’t waste your time and go to JustDelete.met and save yourself from the trouble.


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