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How to Create Profits From Celebrity Fan Sites

How to Create Profits From Celebrity Fan Sites


You can see all sorts of fan pages for celebrities, but is there another agenda besides just being a fan? Here is a rundown of how you can make money with a celebrity fan site.Although definitely not easy, having a celebrity fan site can open up a lot of opportunities to make money — intentional or not. Sure, you start it up because you really love the celebrity and want to keep up with the news on them. However, why not turn a profit as well?

One question to ask is, how can you make money with this kind of web site? It is simple, you can create a web site about a celebrity and then sell advertising. Now, what differentiates selling advertising on a celebrity fan site and a regular web site?
The simple answer to this advertising question is that a well established celebrity fan site already will garner a certain amount of attention because of the celebrity. For example, if you buy johnnydeppfan.com and you build a WordPress theme on it and keep up-to-date news about Johnny Depp, you more or less will get a consistent amount of traffic depending on how you run the web site just BECAUSE it is a resource for Johnny Depp.
This is a beneficial way to make money with Google ads and affiliate marketing because it provides a shortcut to fast traffic. This does not mean having a celebrity fan site gives you instant traffic, it just means you already have a step up over starting a completely original web site. Having a fan site means you connect with a large demographic already, all you have to do is provide the up-to-date content.
There are three important steps to making a profit on a celebrity fan site. One, you must have a recognizable domain name. For example, johnnydeppfan.com is worthy, but www.angelfire.com/johnnydeppfan absolutely is not. Why? A TLD (top level domain) will always garner more attention from search engines. Having a free hosted web site will get you no attention from users or Google.
Two, you must promote your web site and build it up enough to appear on the front page of Google. For example, if you type in Johnny Depp, I am pretty sure there is not an official web site for Johnny. Therefore, the next best things appear: fan sites and other information web sites on the star. Make sure you appear on the front page for this through SEO techniques.
Last, you must provide up-to-date information about the celebrity. It helps to offer extra things such as photo galleries, games, contests and trivia to keep users coming back as well. Regardless on what celebrity you are endorsing, if you do not provide quality content on the celebrity you will not get traffic. No traffic equals no profit.
Affiliate marketing with 125×125 buttons work well in this scenario. If you want to get quickly started with celebrity fan sites, build a web site with WordPress. It allows you to quickly post news and images, and also provides plug-ins and a sidebar to experiment with 125×125 buttons.
Last, do not bombard your celebrity fan site with advertising. The idea behind online advertising is you want to be able to get away with as much as you can with your ads, but you do not want your traffic to suffer. This is where a stats package or a simple traffic analysis would be helpful. Find out how many ads you can have and experiment with placement around your content.


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