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Basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is the practice of enhancing your site to improve its optimisation for the search engines to increase relevancy. The more “relevant” your site is to its target keywords the higher it will rank. The culmination of both on-page relevancy and off-page relevancy (and back links) is what increase your rank for your target keywords. As I mentioned there are 2 parts to SEO which need to be considered..

Off-­Page SEO: Off page search engine optimisation involves building back links to your site through various methods. The back links from off-­page SEO count as votes to your website and help increase your rankings. When these back links are from relevant high quality sites (ex: guest blogging) they have a greater impact on your rankings than a non-relevant forum spam post.

To utilize the methods I use to be successful with the Rapid SEO Blueprint, we will utilize tiering by putting our links in layers like below…

The what, who ,why and how of SEO

The Rapid SEO Blueprint is all about fast results, and being able to work right away. In order to do this we need to utilise tiering, and do it right. When you tier properly, there is no reason why you cannot hammer your site right out of the gate.

What: Tiering is layering links effectively to act as buffers and to pass a “build up” of link juice to your main site while diluting out the bad quality links. In order to do this, we put the “lower” quality links deeper in the tiers (around Tier 3-­4) so that they are not directly exposed to our precious site.

Who: Tiering is a form of segmenting your links to allow the highest quality links to be directly at your site, while slowly downgrading our quality of links the further back in the funnel we go.

Why: So that we can utilize the whole purpose of Rapid SEO Blueprint and hit things hard with link velocity, right off the bat. We want to rank quick and stay there, if we don’t use tiering we can rank quickly by throwing a ton of links at our site, but then Google’s filters will begin getting tripped and you can generally expect your site to be gone within the next 30 days. Rapid SEO Blueprint minimizes this risk, and provides some incredible power to your site.

How: By working our way from Tier 1 to Tier 3. You will first start by building the high quality tier 1 links such as guest posts, social media links, etc. After you get those created, make sure to save those links. You will then take those links and build the tier 2 links to them (not to your site). You will then take the tier 2 links and build the tier 3 links to them, and so on. The whole concept is that these links begin compounding by the time they hit your site directly moving up through the tiers


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