The Social Traffic System Overview

Social traffic system consists of a combination of, Twitter,Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer App and Pinterest. It sounds like quite a mouthful but wait to see how easy it is to set up you will understand why it is such a powerful approach. I also suggest that you set up landing pages with squeeze pages for […]

Basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Search engine optimisation is the practice of enhancing your site to improve its optimisation for the search engines to increase relevancy. The more “relevant” your site is to its target keywords the higher it will rank. The culmination of both on-page relevancy and off-page relevancy (and back links) is what increase […]

Linkedin – hacked , personal data leaks – Official Statement

[SEO] Keyword Rich Blogging For SEO

Blog posts can provide numerous benefits when the content created is rich in keywords, not only will the search engines view the blog as favorable, but well written content provides good reading and an avenue to direct business to your website. It is important to remember to choose the keywords that you want to use […]

Are SEO Experts a Waste of Money?

When you have your own blog or website, you will likely be flooded with multiple offers from SEO experts. They will claim to have secret tips up their sleeves that will bring droves of visitors to your site. The truth is, they do not really have any magically method of increasing your traffic. All SEO […]