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How to… Increase your local Google+ visibility

The expert David Mihm , Director of local search strategy of the Moz Company advice us on how to increase local Google+ visibility. Google+ has been widely criticised by mainstream and tech press alike for its lack of user engagement. Nonetheless, helping Google establish the three-way connection between location, website and author is one of […]

An better way for SEO optimization

If you use Google Chrome, you now have the ability to speak your search terms instead of type them. What, if anything, does conversation search mean for SEO? Now that Google has the ability to answer more conversational queries, searchers may begin speaking to it with more natural language queries (eg “OK Google tell me […]

25 HTML5 speed tips

From minifying your JavaScript to using image sprites, Microsoft’s Jatinder Mann shares 25 top tips for high performance web apps. For the past few years I’ve been part of the IE team at microsoft looking into ways to improve the online experience. Along the way we’ve learned a lot about web performance and developed an […]

Google’s guide to Analytics

The world of digital analytics is changing fast. With the onset of mobile, and the rapid growth of connected devices, traditional web analytics is no longer adequate. To meet the growing needs of businesses, Google Analytics has changed from a web analytics solution to a business measurement platform. From websites to mobile apps, and almost […]

How to choice the best Cloud Web Host ?

Its true that having a high performance cloud hosting service can and will increase your productivity and provide more defense for your data. Unfortunately there is many companies out there that provide cloud hosting . We say unfortunately because they don’t all offer the same services. With this posts we want to brink to your […]

Deep review of iPage Web hosting

When we are talking about unlimited source we should keep at mind that there is no such think like “unlimited” source ! When we say that there is unlimited staffs we more or less want to say that for example there will be an Unlimited MySQL databases for example. We all know that as our […]