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Oxwall Open Source Project or How to creat new generation community site

Oxwall is a fast-growing open source project that aims at creating a new generation community site platform. Oxwall aims at a wide range of audiences – starting from small private family websites up to top level destinations for millions users. It is possible because of the flexibility that Oxwall provides. Oxwall Store contains hundreds of […]

Linkedin – hacked , personal data leaks – Official Statement

Shrink photos to speed up your site

1. You should shrink digital photos before you host them on your website, to make your web pages load quicker and speed up your site. Go to www.jpegmini.com and click Try it Now, then Upload your Photo. Select a picture and click Open. It will be processed automatically.

Selecting a Web Hosting plan for SEO optimization

1. Reliability of access It is important when choosing a web hosting plan must comply with the guaranteed uptime of the web hosting service. This is the percentage of time “all the online time”, in which resource you want to assign Internet audience will be available. Choose your web hosting with guaranteed uptime of more […]

Turn your WordPress website in SEO machine

Most webmasters use wordpress, because it is easy to learn, easy to use, flexible enough to create almost any type of website and is also one of the most search engine optimization  CMS. Not to mention that there are tons of free plug-ins to help you turn your website into whatever you want, the wordpress themes  […]

Why GoDaddy for your domain?

You can buy a domain name at literally thousands of places on the internet. The reason that we suggest you GoDaddy is because once you register a domain with them the information for you to renew it and make the changes you need to do are easy and right on the front page of your […]

Why to use WEBUZO for your web hosting provider?

There are all kinds of places to host your website. It is important to realize that many of the low priced hosting alternatives are simply web host reseller who just resell space. What this means is that these companies pay another hosting company to use their services. It’s like you are renting an apartment from the […]